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MEGHAN CARLILE has been in the Early Childhood industry for over 15 years.  She has a love of children’s literature and the early childhood classroom.  She has her Bachelors from Arizona State University in Early Childhood Education, her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Phoenix and her endorsement in reading from Grand Canyon University.   When Meg is not writing or enveloped in her educational surroundings,  she spends time with her three beautiful children and very supportive husband.  She lives in Olathe, Kansas and loves basketball, movies, organizing and especially reading.

Her wonderfully clever picture book Anabelly the Smelly Squid was published August 1, 2014.

DEBORAH EVE ALASTRA has been a painter for 35 years as well as a children’s book illustrator and designer.  She is inspired by everyday subject matter and imagery and is fascinated by street scenes, landscapes, animals and at times even people!  Children’s art has been a strong influence on her style and illustrating children’s books seemed to be a natural progression.  Relocating from Northern California to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she feels lucky to be living in an artistically inspirational locale that is full of natural beauty, seasonal changes and unique architectural character.  She considers herself a painter who illustrates children’s books.

Her newest bilingual English-Spanish picture book for children is the amazingly illustrated Senor Tortuga the Color Mixer!

Her first beautifully illustrated picture bilingual English-Spanish book for children is The Flower Child!

AMYE WEBSTER wasn’t actually ‘born in a barn’, but she most certainly grew up there!  Amye was raised on a Quarter Horse farm in South Dakota.  Her family was very active in both showing and breeding.  The second of four children, much of the work of feeding, cleaning, starting colts under saddle, breeding and foaling, fell to Amye.  She loved it and found her passion with the family’s horses.  Later in life, Amye became involved with Appaloosa horses.  She found that a great horse can come in many colors!  She raised her own two children in the saddle.  Soon, other children were drawn into the circle, and Amye spent more than a decade training horses; coaching and hauling youth kids to horse shows.  There is an old saying that the ‘outside of a horse, is good for the inside of a man’, in Amye Webster’s experience, a horse can absolutely save a child in crisis, and help a child in a good family reach new heights.  There is joy and confidence in abundance when a child learns to ride a good horse.  Today, Amye works and travels with her husband, who trains and shows reined cow horses.  She has also found time to pursue her second passion – writing.  Of course, her writing is filled with the magic of kids and horses.

Her exciting and dramatic novel for older children is Shell’s Journey!

E. C. CHEN is an author, artist, and independent photographer based in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. He was raised throughout the Midwestern United States and has lived in Kansas, Minnesota, Texas, New York and Missouri. He received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University in New York City. He also studied at the University of Texas in Austin. He received his graduate degree from Saint Louis University. He writes children’s books, as well as adult fiction and non-fiction.

His current book is  The Bad Alphabet.

Previous books include Rolling Under the Sea, A Poppy and Bobby Tale, 2010.


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