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Shell’s Journey

Shell’s Journey by Amye Webster

Published DECEMBER 2013



Introducing a new novel by Amye Webster

Life has always been hard for Shell, an 11 year-old girl from rural Missouri.   Her single father has found plenty of challenges in raising a daughter on his own also.  However, there is one place where they both find comfort-the Sale Barn livestock auction.  Shell has always dreamed of owning a horse, and when her birthday comes, she can think of nothing else.  Little does Shell know that her dream will lead to a fearsome adventure, requiring her to become a brave young woman.  In the meantime, her father is forced to confront his own parental fears and shortcomings.  Will Shell’s love of horses and her father’s internal struggles unite or tear their family apart?

Juvenile Fiction / 160 pages / Printed in the United States / On Sale Now!


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