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Zebra Ginkgo Books and Products are Made in the USA

About our books and products:

The United States of America is a country of immigrants and Native Americans.  At Zebra Ginkgo Group, our ancestral roots are from Europe and Asia, but our founders were Made in the USA.  As such, it is our mission to print and manufacture our books and other products here in the USA.  We sell our products internationally, but intend to “insource” (NOT outsource) our products to American workers and factories.


Printing and manufacturing in United States of America is not always the cheapest option, but it is usually of the highest quality, and it is the right option.  Large multinational publishers and companies often print and manufacture overseas in other countries where costs of labor are low, materials are often sub-grade and the end product is of cheaper quality.  In addition, the environmental costs of shipping goods thousands of miles via plane or cargo ships is large.  Air pollution, chemical contamination in marine waters, and the like have cumulative costs for our future generations.  If your children’s books and toys are NOT Made in the USA (read the label), then you should think twice before purchasing.  Offshore production costs American jobs.  Demand that the large publishers and toy manufacturers bring  jobs and factories home.


Zebra Ginkgo – proudly Made in the USA

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